Lesefrüchte wieder einmal

Guide For U. S. Forces Serving in Iraq 1943:

In fact, their feeling about their religion is pretty much the same as ours toward our religion, although more intense. If anything we should respect the Moslems the more for their intensity of their devotion. (ein kleiner Wandel hat wohl stattgefunden…)

Do your swearing in English. Avoid the native oaths you will not know their exact meaning and they may get you into trouble. (vielleicht können die Iraqis aber inzwischen Englisch…)

There is nothing difficult about Arabic – except that you won’t be able to read Arabic signs and newspapers you will see. (wenigstens Hörverstehen, o ja…)

Learn a few words … and talk to the Iraqis in their own. They will like it even if your pronunciation is not the same as theirs. (ein Ratschlag, der immer noch nicht bei ExpertInnen angekommen ist…)